Better, not perfect

I have been thinking a lot about my New Year’s resolutions and reflecting on the years past like we all do this time of year. My goal this year is to do better overall. I am not going to overhaul my whole life and go crazy with trying to obtain perfection or absolute anything. I’m not going to give anything up or do everything all the way. I think we beat ourselves up trying to go green, be Paleo, join the cross fitters club, give up meat, quit sugar and so on until we forget what it is that we are “allowed”  to do.

So, here’s my take. Just do better. Every time I do better, I feel better. Yesterday I brought in my reusable grocery bags at the store and I felt better not using the plastic. I’m not going to say from now on this is all I do and when I don’t I shall mentally beat myself for forgetting. I walked around the block a few times after dinner the other night and I felt better. I drank less than I wanted to so that today I could feel better. I took my make-up off before bed and my skin looks better today. I cleaned my room and put away my laundry so that my room looks better.

When I hit the drive thru for fast food, I didn’t order fries with that and that’s better. Sure I know best would be not to drive thru, but it was better. I stretched and did 5 minutes of yoga, an hour a day would be best, but I did better. I put my phone away for an hour. I also set it on Do Not Disturb, from 10 pm to 6 am, I still check it sometimes but it’s better.

I spent time editing a few pictures and finding the perfect quote to place on them. I don’t know what I am going to do with them, but it’s art and I feel better after doing it. I started this blog and that’s better too.