Podcasts -Me and My Nano


I started listening to podcasts about 5 years ago while working. Because I do so much photography and editing on my own, I am able to listen and learn while I work. I bought an iPod nano with my first paycheck to break up the monotony of editing pictures in silence because everyone around me had ear buds in too. I’m still using the Nano because my podcast collection takes up a ton of space, so then my phone’s storage is not jammed up.

I started with This American Life, which is by far one of the best-produced podcasts ever. It was the start of it all before podcasts were well known and popular. But thanks to NPR, it had a platform on radio and an audience. They were just using journalism to interview people across America and get their stories while letting the listener catch a glimpse into another person’s life.

I listened to one about a day in the life of working at the fair, another about the inner city schools of Chicago, then long lost love, politics, sex, parenting, death, lying, cheating, selling bananas, and so on you name the topic and it has a compelling story on This American Life. The production has blossomed since the early days but stays true to the original form and quality of storytelling.

#1 reason to listen to podcasts: It’s free.

This American Life

Screen shot 2017-03-22 at 6.51.41 AM



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Technical writer, photographer, mom

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