How to Use Coconut Oil to Wash Your Face

Rub a small amount of oil, –about the size of a quarter, in your hands. It will melt quickly. Apply the oil on your dry face, don’t add water.


Maybe we are beating a dead horse with this coconut oil craze, but it’s kinda worth the hype if you ask me! I think it’s funny when I tell people I wash my face with this oil and they sort of wince a little like it’s gross to put this pure ingredient on my face and skin. Relative to the big picture of what we put on and in our bodies, it’s ridiculous that this causes people to wrinkle up their noses. Pure coconut oil should be the gold standard for safe skin care. That being said I thought it was super weird to try as a face wash considering I have oily skin to begin with that is prone to breakouts.

BUT, I have read many times that giving your skin the oil it needs will balance things out and it won’t work overtime producing oils that cause the breakouts and blackheads. So, I gave it a try. This routine is more like a ritual that you can take your time with at the end of the day. Give yourself these 10 precious moments and you will be glad you did.

  • Rub a small amount of oil, –about the size of a quarter, in your hands. It will melt quickly. Apply the oil on your dry face, don’t add water. Take some time here to really massage your face and neck. This will remove your makeup too, so don’t worry about cleaning your face first.
  • Take a warm wash cloth, as hot as you can stand and lay it on your face over the oil and let the oils soak into your skin. After a few minutes gently wipe the oil off with the wash cloth removing any make-up along the way.
  • I finish up with an eye cream for overnight.

Just try it, you’ll love it! This whole jar is less than $5 bucks and you can use it to cook too.


coconut-oil1Coconut Oil from Aldi, $4.49

Fasting Post Pig-Out Session


Having a holimages-water.jpgiday feast is fine and doesn’t have to end your diet goals or send you careening off the rails for weeks. I am taking the next day to fast back to ketosis as quickly as possible and get back on track. After eating to my heart’s content yesterday, I ended the night with a full glass of water and about an hour of stretching and some crunches. It wasn’t going to undo the binge-style eating, but it centered me and helped me sleep better perhaps.

I thought about my goal last night for today which is an attempt at fasting with only coffee, mct, and water. I am about to go for a long walk and then test my keto levels for any signs of progress.

As the day progressed I was back in ketosis quicker than I thought. I drank a green tea with MCT oil and butter to help ease into the evening without dinner, but it made really nauseous. I ended up drinking a protein shake with no sugar and about 100 calories. I sipped on water and fell asleep hungry. I am looking forward to food today. That was my first successful fasting test, usually I cave by lunch –so there’s that.

The term that is most commonly used is intermittent fasting and there are more ways than one to use this approach. Typically I like the one that works while I sleep. The trick is not eating past 6 o’clock then sleeping as long as possible,  and breaking the fast with a late breakfast like a normal human being. Some doctors and nutritionists swear by a monthly 3-5 day fast and there are always the more extreme ones as well. The important thing to remember is that the people fasting are doing so in an extremely controlled manner with careful attention paid to their supplements, electrolytes and water intake. Additionally, they test their ketone levels, blood, urine and whatever else these uber-obssessed types like to measure. It’s not just starvation and see what happens; fasting requires some level of research and the consultation of a doctor when you become more interested in the practice.

But for the average person a day to give your body a break and boost back to where you want to be on a keto diet seems harmless to me and something that I would only recommend post holiday diet crash. But hey, that’s just me and I like to eat. I do as a general rule try and have dinner before 6 and eat around 9 am after my morning bulletproof coffee which I have first thing. This is working really well when I don’t stray from the routine. 🙂

Find out more about fasting from Tim Ferriss in his book, “Tools of the Titans,” he interviews really smart and successful people on his podcast and then gives us the notes in this handy book.

Nature is the Answer

It’s a simple solution really and it’s free.

The world needs more time in nature if you ask me. I go there to think and clear my head. I work things out and release the negativity that has built up. I read once that nature, being an infinite source of positive energy, can absorb your negative energy and it’s gone. One exercise is to throw rocks into a creek or pond or whatever source of water you can find. Name your worry or thing you need to let go of and fill that rock with the pain, the disappointment, the problem whatever you can name and throw it. It’s this act of releasing the negative that will free your mind and let the natural world comfort you.

It’s a simple solution really and it’s free.

Covered Bridge -The Zeller-Smith Covered Bridge was reconstructed in Sycamore Creek Park, Pickerington, Ohio. Built in 1906, it is of Queenpost style and has a span of 73′. –More Covered Bridges in Fairfield County, Ohio

MCT Oil -What’s the Big Deal?

So, there are lots and lots of explanations about why and how MCT helps you and your brain. But the only proof that you need is the proof you will find yourself by using it

Medium-chain triglycerides are triglycerides whose fatty acids have an aliphatic tail of 6–12 carbon atoms. The fatty acids found in MCTs are called medium-chain fatty acids. Wikipedia
So, there are lots and lots of explanations about why and how MCT helps you and your brain. But the only proof that you need is the proof you will find yourself by using it. The easiest thing to do is to pour it into your coffee, tea or smoothie in the morning and see how you feel. I started with a tablespoon in my coffee and then increased as I got used to the dose and the effect.
It has no taste or smell so you can add it to virtually anything. You can cook with it too. It is basically super concentrated coconut oil, but it tastes like nothing. If you are trying for ketosis or the fat burning phase of a low carb ketogenic diet this will also help put you there and keep you there for longer periods which I believe will help lead to weight loss.
What does it do? It gives me an instant boost in the morning and clarity in my brain. I feel like I can think better and function at a high level for hours without breakfast as the fat acts like fuel and food. When coupled with caffeine the drink gives me a nice steady level of energy, less to no sugar cravings and no feeling of a crash before lunch when I am actually hungry and ready to eat.
All I suggest here is that you try it for yourself. This is a routine that I have stuck to for years and beyond brushing my teeth I can’t really say I have stuck with anything as loyally as the MCT supplement.

Natural Deodorant that Works! Only $1.00

This deodorant has worked on a long day at work in which I am active and sweating, a full workout, and a yoga session.

Costs $1-$2

I have tried many but all fail for me, these pricey deodorants are tough to commit to and experiment with because you have to risk smelling not so great all day. So, I picked a day and then little by little I tried it out.

This deodorant has worked on a long day at work in which I am active and sweating, a full workout, and a yoga session. I couldn’t smell any body odor and I am that girl that sweats! This does not stop you from sweating but there is no odor so perhaps that’s better for you. I still have my aluminum back up for an especially sweaty event like a date or a night out just in case. SO I haven’t made the commitment but I am wearing it 80% of the time. It’s a transition, you can’t just go all natural with your pits overnight, it takes time but it’s a trip worth taking.

The information is everywhere in terms of the risks of coating our armpits with the current products full of aluminum. However, the research is limited because big testing like what is needed is costly and seems to have been shut down in the last few years. When  you see shelves lined with a certain product in the store, you can believe that Big Money is behind keeping it there. I am not always a conspiracy theorist, but this one smells of  serious concern to me. (Pun intended)

Screen shot 2017-04-03 at 5.51.37 AM

Listen to this podcast and hear the story about our breast cancer risks from Melissa Etheridge. It’s worth a listen 🙂 Joe Rogan Experience -Melissa Etheridge Interview.

Scroll the archives, the interview was back in 2013.