Fasting Post Pig-Out Session


Having a holimages-water.jpgiday feast is fine and doesn’t have to end your diet goals or send you careening off the rails for weeks. I am taking the next day to fast back to ketosis as quickly as possible and get back on track. After eating to my heart’s content yesterday, I ended the night with a full glass of water and about an hour of stretching and some crunches. It wasn’t going to undo the binge-style eating, but it centered me and helped me sleep better perhaps.

I thought about my goal last night for today which is an attempt at fasting with only coffee, mct, and water. I am about to go for a long walk and then test my keto levels for any signs of progress.

As the day progressed I was back in ketosis quicker than I thought. I drank a green tea with MCT oil and butter to help ease into the evening without dinner, but it made really nauseous. I ended up drinking a protein shake with no sugar and about 100 calories. I sipped on water and fell asleep hungry. I am looking forward to food today. That was my first successful fasting test, usually I cave by lunch –so there’s that.

The term that is most commonly used is intermittent fasting and there are more ways than one to use this approach. Typically I like the one that works while I sleep. The trick is not eating past 6 o’clock then sleeping as long as possible,  and breaking the fast with a late breakfast like a normal human being. Some doctors and nutritionists swear by a monthly 3-5 day fast and there are always the more extreme ones as well. The important thing to remember is that the people fasting are doing so in an extremely controlled manner with careful attention paid to their supplements, electrolytes and water intake. Additionally, they test their ketone levels, blood, urine and whatever else these uber-obssessed types like to measure. It’s not just starvation and see what happens; fasting requires some level of research and the consultation of a doctor when you become more interested in the practice.

But for the average person a day to give your body a break and boost back to where you want to be on a keto diet seems harmless to me and something that I would only recommend post holiday diet crash. But hey, that’s just me and I like to eat. I do as a general rule try and have dinner before 6 and eat around 9 am after my morning bulletproof coffee which I have first thing. This is working really well when I don’t stray from the routine. 🙂

Find out more about fasting from Tim Ferriss in his book, “Tools of the Titans,” he interviews really smart and successful people on his podcast and then gives us the notes in this handy book.

Not the Same River, Not the Same Woman

Setting goals that you’ve already set before can feel self-defeating.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”


Setting goals that you’ve already set before can feel self-defeating. It’s like that feeling of a broken record playing in your mind. You tell yourself similar things while your cynical side fueled by fear just sort of folds her arms and humors your attempt to try again.

But this time will be different. This time is for real. This time I am serious, and so on. So the game keeps being played in our heads and we let the fear and the self-doubt win because that is the easier thing to do. But the important thing, the big thing, the enormous thing is that it’s not the same and you’re not the same this time. It feels similar, but it can’t be the same, because so much has happened since the last time that has changed you, for better or worse.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is whether it’s to give up a bad habit, lose weight, get a better job, save more money, be a better parent or whatever it may be right now. The dragon is just a myth and when you get to the battle this time will be different because you’ve learned its tricks, you know its weaknesses and yours. You now carry a sword and armor and the courage to tame the beast and send it on its way.

I wonder why I fear change and why trying again feels so hard. Then, I remember the ultimate truth for me and that is that not trying is the worst possible choice. I won’t give up even if I feel like Sisyphus, condemned to roll the boulder up the hill only to watch it roll back down again. I am going to get that boulder over the top this time and see what is on the other side.

I am not the same woman who stepped into this river and I intend to prove that this time because this time is different.