How to Use Coconut Oil to Wash Your Face

Rub a small amount of oil, –about the size of a quarter, in your hands. It will melt quickly. Apply the oil on your dry face, don’t add water.

Maybe we are beating a dead horse with this coconut oil craze, but it’s kinda worth the hype if you ask me! I think it’s funny when I tell people I wash my face with this oil and they sort of wince a little like it’s gross to put this pure ingredient on my face and skin. Relative to the big picture of what we put on and in our bodies, it’s ridiculous that this causes people to wrinkle up their noses. Pure coconut oil should be the gold standard for safe skin care. That being said I thought it was super weird to try as a face wash considering I have oily skin to begin with that is prone to breakouts.

BUT, I have read many times that giving your skin the oil it needs will balance things out and it won’t work overtime producing oils that cause the breakouts and blackheads. So, I gave it a try. This routine is more like a ritual that you can take your time with at the end of the day. Give yourself these 10 precious moments and you will be glad you did.

  • Rub a small amount of oil, –about the size of a quarter, in your hands. It will melt quickly. Apply the oil on your dry face, don’t add water. Take some time here to really massage your face and neck. This will remove your makeup too, so don’t worry about cleaning your face first.
  • Take a warm wash cloth, as hot as you can stand and lay it on your face over the oil and let the oils soak into your skin. After a few minutes gently wipe the oil off with the wash cloth removing any make-up along the way.
  • I finish up with an eye cream for overnight.

Just try it, you’ll love it! This whole jar is less than $5 bucks and you can use it to cook too.


coconut-oil1Coconut Oil from Aldi, $4.49

Meditation -Am I doing this right?



My goal this week is to do 5 guided meditations in 5 days. I will be using Tara Brach and attempting to sit up this week as opposed to being nestled into my bed. I end up falling asleep when I lay down which is ok too, but I want the deeper experience of the meditation. So, I will give myself no less than 15 minutes of sitting up, eyes closed and see what happens.

Day 1 Recap

I downloaded an app called Insight Timer and sampled some different guided meditations. I did sit up this time and stayed awake so I made progress.

The first session was 25 minutes with Tara Brach’s “Vipassana (Basic) Meditation”, I was distracted by an itch on my back shoulder blade, I was thinking about work a little a bit, then my son and his dad and what to do about the conflict, I was trying to let go, trying to focus and breathe, just breathe, come back to the breath,..why are my pants so tight at theĀ  waist, I am adjusting my yoga pants, now I can breathe yes I am relaxing bringing down my shoulders, relaxing my body, my leg is tingling because it’s numb from sitting with my legs crossed, is this normal, maybe I should be sitting on the floor and not my bed, but I am not laying down, everything is ok stop judging myself, stop judging myself for judging, deep breath and the bell goes off,..I was done but I forgot to meditate.

I straightened my legs, took a deep breath and decided to try another one, Jack Kornfield’s “Breathing Meditation” only 8:43 so I had time to try again, this time I was going to relax and think of nothing but I was already telling myself to think of nothing. I loved the soothing sound of his voice, I was there now. And I made it to the end just by following my breath and paying attention to the flow of air basically and then it was over.

I finished the time with some of “Sacral Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl” and I laid down and listened to what sounded like rain mixed with beautiful music and I just spaced out for a little bit. I felt better.

“Nachiketa did not ask to get to the end of an imagined journey, but to be fully where he was.” –After the Ecstasy, the Laundry by Jack Kornfield