Keto- Get into Ketosis Quickly

Ketosis is the state that you are trying to achieve with a keto diet.

keto strips
Go on, test your pee!


In my experience I can get into a ketogenic state quickly by drinking my morning coffee blended with butter and MCT oil, followed by taking a long walk, drinking lots of water during and after, and then followed by eating a fat-heavy breakfast like eggs, bacon and avocado. This usually sets the pace for the day and gets me back on track with keto. I’m not hungry for several hours after that, but then will have a meal with some kind of salad loaded with some protein and fat again. I have learned to cut back on protein though because that was a pitfall in the past. I try and remember that a serving of protein looks like the size of a deck of card; so, smaller than your hand.

Ketosis is the state that you are trying to achieve with a keto diet. You want your body using fat as fuel basically and slimming down your body and improving your cognitive functions. Several factors can kick you out of that state so it’s best to monitor in the beginning with the keto test strips or blood testing if you’re super into exact measurements.

I test my pee to see if I am there yet, and then I watch it to see if certain carbs or drinks kick me out of it. It’s a nice way to obsess over your progress in the beginning. I have noticed that large diet drinks, some dishes with beans or even too much protein will slow my progress. On the other hand I have noticed that once I am in ketosis I can maintain it even when having dark chocolates, certain ice cream and some diet drinks. So it’s a trial and error process that you really need to learn for yourself.

I think it goes without saying that I am not a doctor and I don’t know the exact science behind why it all works, however I know that it makes me feel better. I have lost weight and I am never really hungry unless I am intentionally fasting for a planned period of time.

Nature is the Answer

It’s a simple solution really and it’s free.

The world needs more time in nature if you ask me. I go there to think and clear my head. I work things out and release the negativity that has built up. I read once that nature, being an infinite source of positive energy, can absorb your negative energy and it’s gone. One exercise is to throw rocks into a creek or pond or whatever source of water you can find. Name your worry or thing you need to let go of and fill that rock with the pain, the disappointment, the problem whatever you can name and throw it. It’s this act of releasing the negative that will free your mind and let the natural world comfort you.

It’s a simple solution really and it’s free.

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